'I pray the journeys we take together on these programs will transform you, empower you and reshape your thinking so you can see your own path and find your own voice.'

Frederica's Thoughts

Shifting the Atmosphere is a program about transition. I talk to people from different vocations, professions and stages in life.

As humans, going through changes and transition in our life can drain and challenge us emotionally and physically. It is very common to believe that we are the only ones “going through”.

Now, I agree that the challenges we face and trials we go through are unique to the person we are. However, I will also assure you that you are NOT the only one that has experienced a trial. In fact, I would go on to bet that there is someone out there that has it worse than you. But I understand that it is tough to see beyond our own pain, challenges or limiting beliefs. This is why I am so passionate about “Shifting the Atmosphere with Frederica.” I bring on guests that are on the other side of their pain, disappointment and set back and are now experiencing their joy, fulfillment and passions. More importantly, at the top of each show they freely share their transformational journey, or testimony of how they got to where they are today!

Many of those stories are difficult to hear but I have always believed that when we see someone else make it through, it will inspire us to see things differently and find that other gear that says, “yes I can”; “yes I will”; and “nothing can stop me!”  

Dreams, potential and success are only limited by the junk we allow to get in the way. Everyone of us has choices. Whether you feel like you have a choice or not, you do. Sometimes you need to see someone else’s struggle and the path(s) they took to overcome so you can see the choices that are right in front of you.  

Frederica A. Peterson